July Blog-Time to Rent?

August 15th, 2008

We see the same pattern over and over again, a couple or family comes down for a week to enjoy this wonderful paradise and they become smitten, the next time they come down for a couple of weeks, then, they can’t wait to book for the next season but this time they want to stay a month,then, a month becomes 2 months..and on and on..then,the decision to start looking around for their own piece of paradise becomes a priority during their next stay.Logical.Understandable.

You ask the locals,ask your new friends that you’ve made while down here..check the chat boards and finally it’s time to involve a realtor..because you need the security and professional adivise of someone to make sure that your purchase is secure.

However, in lieu of buying,after talking it over with the family you’re still not sure or your waiting for that pension fund or long term investment to cash in..then, it’s time to rent in the meantime.Or,you can’t make the financial committment to buy a casa when a piece of land will do..until you’ve assembled enough capital for construction.Time to rent!

Navigating through the various laws and practices in Nayarit can be tricky.You’ll need an AMPI qualified professional and a Notario to answer your questions and secure your piece of property..this can take time..things sometimes..may not move as fast as you’re used to in the States or Canada..then, you need to consider a long-term rental….

Nayarit Properties can help you with a wide range of rental properties located in La Penita,Guayabitos and Los Ayala..as well as Nuevo Vallarta and surrounding areas.We have something for everyone!

How about if your unsure which community is best for you?Los Ayala?La Penita?What are your needs?Is this for the family?Or, are you a quiet couple looking for low maintenence and responsability during your stay in Mexico?

 Nayarit Properties has something for everyone!The range varies…We have beautiful 3 bedroom villas located in the Residential Zone of Guayabitos such as Casa Bela that makes the perfect winter rental..complete with pool and recreational areas…big enough for the entire family,blocks away from the beautiful beaches..or, in Nuevo Vallarta, a short walk away from major shopping,the El Tigre Golf Course and Spas such as Grand Velas.

For the more budget minded traveler we have economical properties..that, while they do not have pools and are not beachfront provide the vacationer close access to services and local attractions..take a look at casita de la penita..only a couple of blocks away from the main avenida in La Penita..this charming 3 bedroom house..puts you blocks away from the beach, the main square of La Penita and the famous open market bazaar known as “Tianguis”…


For some renters..who are looking for peace and tranquility and wish to be away from the crowds and hustle and bustle..we recommend Casa de Carmen in Los Ayala..this house, by far and above, has the most stunning views that we’ve seen in the area.Located high atop the hills in Los Ayala..in the Villas del Tropico development..this rental apartment..has granite kitchen countertops,custom tilework on the floor…whitewashed walls with stunning views of the bay of Jaltemba,jungle and beaches from either the living room,or your bedroom..wow..on the flipside..you’ve got to get down the hill via car,motorcycle,quadcycle or mountainbike to get to shopping and services..for a single person or a couple not daunted by the drive up and down this is by far one of the hottest rentals on the market.


The tradition here in the area..has been to work a deal with a bungalow owner in Guayabitos to get a long term rental deal..for the winter months..however, with rising costs for hotel owners, increase in business taxes due to Felipe Calderon’s fiscal reforms and demand from the foreign tourism market has caused hotel rates to jump..in lieu, there are now an increasing number of quality rentals being offered in the Guayabitos,La Penita and Los Ayala area.

So, let’s break down what you’re looking for in terms of catagories and location..beach,near-beach,beach view,view..close-in to the city.(mountain,etc.).Guayabitos,La Penita or Los Ayala…Los Ayala has a couple of gorgeous beaches,limited shopping consisting of mini-marts with the food basics, and simple restaurants offering seafood and local Mexican specialties.La Penita..is the working man’s town where many of our tourism trade workers live,beach is limited and typically not very tourist friendly with limited swimming and bathing areas.However, all roads lead to La Penita..and sort of the central meeting point for extended shopping,the famous Tianguis (open market bazaar) in the Main Plaza,Big church,assorted Mexican restaurants,and rodeos and dances..rentals would tend to be cheaper than Guayabitos..because there are limited,quality rentals with desireable features and access to the beach.But, La Penita does have a cable suspension bridge that connects Guayabitos and La Penita..and provides easy access to tourists to move to and from the beaches and shopping. In other words, La Penita is the town where you go “to get stuff done”,be it repairs or shopping.Rincon de Guayabitos..was designated and designed to be a tourist oriented town with a long,flat beach,gentle waves,assorted restaurants offering everything from Sushi to Authentic German food,(not to mention great Mexican seafood)..it also boasts a Residential Zone..with beautiful houses primarly owned by American and Canadian nationals who typically rent out rooms complete with kitchenettes and super access to the the beach..thus, they also command higher rates in that particular zone than in other areas..so, yes, location,location, but also, define what is most imporant to you in a rental and where.

Booking and reserving a rental..

Most of our property owners are looking for long-term rentals..that means 3-4 months or more..if you’re looking for short-term rentals,less than 2 months..we highly recommend Villa Corona del Mar..a beautiful villa that has kitchenettes,pools and tennis court and, is also in front of the ocean.Located in Guayabitos in the residential zone..Villa Corona del Mar is one of the nicer properties in Guayabitos.

Most owners will ask for 1st month’s rent and a months rent as damage deposit, to be refunded at the end of your contract or stay once the apartment or house is reviewed.Many potencial renters are searching and reserving now..knowing that by November..most of the good rentals will already be booked up for the winter season.In many cases, owners are including the light bill in the winter months…as part of you rental payment..however, in the Spring and Summer months..to due to the cost of running air condicioners..the light bill is paid by the tenant.

We would like to emphasize with all potential winter vacationers and renters to book early!Typical renting patterns for long term rentals run from November to March..with many returnees already plunking down next year’s deposit to hold their place..so don’t wait..act..now! Many of our Canadia clients have reserved a year in advance!

In summary, if your looking for quality rental, try Nayarit Properties and click under our rentals section..we’re located in La Penita de Jaltemba,Nayarit just one block off the main avenue..and a block and a half down from Bancomer bank.Stop in or if you can’t stop in send us an email with what you’re looking for..we have many more properties we’re going to put online this month and next month..but if you don’t see what you’re looking for….ask…!!!

AMPI Compostela Chapter opens at Nayarit Properties

July 28th, 2008

031.JPG025.JPGRincon de Guayabitos, Villa Corona del Mar

Buying and Selling Real Estate in Nayarit just got a whole lot easier…017.JPG

AMPI, the National Association for Real Estate Professionals in Mexico added a new chapter to their ever growing presence in Riviera Nayarit with the swearing in of a new AMPI President for the Municipality of Compostela. Juan Jose Martinez Alarcon took oath in front of journalists, AMPI members and Presidents of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. Juan Jose Martinez has been an active broker since 1989 and will be the first president for AMPI chapter Compostela.

There has long been a need in the communities of Los Ayala, Guayabitos and La Penita for professional representation by real estate agents in the area.As Sergio Duenas,National President of AMPI spoke, he mentioned the future of real estate in Nayarit as well as Mexico in general.There will be licensing, in addition to a national ¨cedula¨being issued to all real estate agents similiar to the cedulas that lawyers and doctors receive upon completion of coursework,training and certification.Future real estate brokers who are licensed with their ¨cedula¨will be the only ones allowed to work by law.There are already two Mexican states that are enacting the new real estate law..one of which is the state of Sonora.Other states should follow suit as well.For many years in Mexico..brokers were not under any restictrictions or under any regulation..AMPI has tried to change that..and seems to be making headway with national lawmakers and congress.Look for the states of Nayarit and Jalisco to follow in the near future.

AMPI Meeting Villa Corona del Mar

The location of the event was at Villa Corona del Mar, Bed and Breakfast Hotel located in Rincon de Guayabitos, an ample, delicious breakfast was served with many realtors, lawyers and financing companies in attendance.


Saturday,June 14th at  Villa Corona del Mar, Juan Jose Alarcon was sworn-in as the new AMPI President for the region. As National AMPI Presidents Sergio Duenas,David Pullen,Puerto Vallarta AMPI and Terri Kimball,Riviera Nayarit AMPI looked on,Juan Jose accepted his responsibilities under the Mexican Flag as the National Hymm played.With several key members of the community there to witness.

With the crowd at about 50 members and leaders of the community were in attendance,Miguel Arnedo,President of the Guayabitos Hotel Association,Daniel Milski,President of the Homeowner´s Association as well as the well-respected Notario Marco Antonio Echevarria.Notaria #34.

 AMPI Breakfast

AMPI´s head office for the region will be located at the offices of Nayarit Properties located in the town of La Penita de Jaltemba, Alfredo V. Bonfil #9, at the end of the walk-through mall on the main avenue.

Initiating an AMPI chapter in the Guayabitos,La Penita area brings legitimacy and a new level of responsiblity for the Real Estate Agents(s) and clients in the area.

 Sean Phillips,owner-broker of Nayarit Properties made the comment “for years in the Jaltemba Bay area we had people selling properties and the client had no idea of what issues he or she was getting into”..he added “there were legal issues or complications that resulted in frustration and loss of time or money “fixing things” or getting into legal issues”.

Working in conjunction with AMPI Vallarta and AMPI Riviera Nayarit, Nayarit Properties will be considered the base of operations and home office for AMPI Compostela.

June Blog

July 28th, 2008


Well folks, while many American and Canadian tourists have left the area to return home for the start of their summer and resume their “real world” life..things are just starting to heat up here in La Penita.As was mentioned in last months’ Blog Nayarit Properties is proud to announce the release of a brand new product in the La Penita de Jaltemba area which should fill a vital need in the vacation home, secondary home market niche..not time-share,not deluxe condos. But a Deluxe RV Trailer Park where you own the space and the amenities!

Limited opportunity to have your own R.V. Trailer Spot!

  • Private,Deeded Lots-Ready for Fideicomisio or your Mexican Corporation
  • Covered, year around pads with Landscaping
  • Enclosed,Walled,Secured Parking
  • On site Manager
  • 50-Amp Service
  • Potable Water and Sewer
  • Wireless,Wi-Fi servie
  • Heated Swimming Pool
  • Shuffleboard

 With the high cost of fuel, taking your motor home back and forth from Canada or the United States seems less and less feasible..or, better yet..you might be tempted to leave it at home and stay at a hotel..this new trailer park product gives you the option to bring your motor home on down,park it and leave it..permanently…with so many of our better trailer parks filling up in the area..it doesn´t matter if you´re trying to book at the La Penita Trailer Park or at one of the many in Lo de Marcos..they´re all booked!With a waiting list!Guayabitos has reached saturation point as well..

Stay informed on this blog from Nayarit Properties to catch the latest update on this exciting new product!

May Blog

May 25th, 2008

BeachshotNayarit Properties was invited last month to preview an event at one of our favorite properties… Villa Corona del Mar, one of our top listings, was host last month to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders shooting their 2009 Calendar Pictorial.It was a fascinating look at process of preparing,shooting and editing pictorials for a layout.Three different teams of models,make up and hair stylists shooting somewhere between 5000 to 6000 photos daily between three groups of models,consisting of 3 models per group.Wow.We were amazed that the process was by far more laborious and time consuming than we previously thought!Working in conjunction with the public relations team at Riviera Nayarit , promoting destinations throughout the state for their uniqueness…


Villa Corona del Mar has come to the forefront as a leader in Rincon de Guayabitos as a vacation destination hotel. A triple AAA 3-diamond rated property, Villa Corona del Mar is a great example of blending a classic villa with hospitality,adding unique regional touches and providing top-notch service to national and international guests.

DCC CheerleaderBeachfront Rincon de GuayabitosCupolaVilla Corona del MarCorona del Mar PoolRestaurant Villa Corona del MarGardens Villa Corona del Mar

This year, Villa Corona del Mar has come out in a list of publication for it’s uniqueness,emphasizing a “hidden” or “undiscovered” destination other than Puerto Vallarta.Look for articles regarding Villa Corona del Mar in Escala Magazine, AeroMexico’s monthly on-board magazine,as well as another article coming out this summer in Bridal Guide magazine in the July-August issue.

 Nayarit Properties is proud to represent this fantastic property for sale now at only $2,300,000 U.S. Property is sold as turn-key with a staff of 5.Owners are open to sharing financials and marketing plan upon a serious offer.Don’t forget that Nayarit Properties has,as well, a list of other villas,condos and houses for sale in addition to some fine rentals.


In Next Months Issue: For those of you ready to take that first step towards investing in Mexico and looking for a fantastic piece of investment property..we’ve got something for you. An exciting new purchase-to-own development coming to La Penita de Jaltemba area.Nayarit Properties has the privlege of having the exclusive listing on this development complete with a finishings showroom so you can pick out the color of the tile you want for your kitchen.You don’t want to miss the details about this one!

April Blog

April 29th, 2008

Sleeper Communities

There was a time…

There was a time, here in Rincon de Guayabitos, when things moved pretty slow..when you could drink “young” tequila from half an avocado skin and sit..with only a few people under a palm tree and catch only a dozen or so people on the beach.(true story).didn’t see but a few basic bungalows and the majority of beachfront property was, well, filled with palm trees and plants and lazy iguanas..my….how times..have changed…

Guayabitos,Nayarit Mexico was “undiscovered” as a tourist destination to the outside world save for nationals as an affordable destination for sun and fun.Other elements kicked keeping Rincon de Guayabitos on the fray as a major tourist destination such as a major devaluation of the Mexican Peso, being in the shadow of Puerto Vallarta and general lack of promotional,written or otherwise knowledge of the area..

That’s changed now..as news leaked out from Snowbirds from Canada and the United States slowly spread the news..at the same time trying to keep it a “secret” to only a few.

Economic Surge

Here’s what happened..as Puerto Vallarta’s real estate market prices surged and the city no longer became a tranquil,low-cost destination…property value and hence,sale price skyrocketed..hotel owners bumped rate and commanded top dollar.All inclusives gambled that the tourist was willing to pay for a 4 and 5 star hotel room in Nuevo Vallarta.It didn’t matter if it was necessarily close to Puerto Vallarta.

People started heading North to find “Alternative Vacation Destinations”..first Bucerias,then further North up to the town of Sayulita and San Pancho..prices have since, doubled and almost double again in those areas..as gringos looked to find the next “hip” place to go.In the case of Sayulita, this town has been “loved” to death so much that real estate prices are no better than what you’d find in San Diego,California or Seattle,Washington.

So, now the movement is heading North..where Americans and Canadians are looking for better value for their money.

Enter Guayabitos,La Penita and Los Ayala

Guayabitos was a tourist destination designed for Mexican Nationals of the middle-class sector to have an affordable vacation destination and enjoy a tranquil,swimmable beach,safe for families with plenty of reacreational opportunities.Los Ayala was a fishing village with a couple of palapas and fish shacks with a reputation for quick and easy access to 3 beautiful,unspoiled beaches nearby.La Penita de Jaltemba was the “working” town for the service sector who “serviced” Rincon de Guayabitos.La Penita’s low cost of living and easy,cheap services has proved to be the choice amongst the Mexican locals working in the tourist industry.

Fast Forward to Today

Guayabitos is now an international tourist destination and winter home to Americans,Western Canadians and a handful of Europeans.Primarily living in either the Residential Zone to the North,or in the Southern part of Rincon de Guayabitos.

Los Ayala has exploded into a secondary tourist destination behind Guayabitos with Hotels,Motels and Bungalows all along the beach and inland with a small residential community on the Southern end of the beach and new houses being built every day, nestled up against the hills..La Penita, the “working” town for ordinary folk, but now is home to many  artists, and has a hip gallery with up and coming restaurants and, seems to be the up and coming place for some hot deals..

STAY at Villa Corona del Mar while doing your searching!


Sometimes,all it takes is one vacation to the area..to realize that this is the area you want to invest in Mexico or invest in Nayarit.The Villa’s generous amenities and comfort has been the base of operations for many purchasers visiting Mexico or Rincon de Guayabitos,Nayarit for the first time.Let American owner Sean Phillips, a veteran of doing business in Mexico help answer questions you may have about the area or doing business in Rincon de Guayabitos,La Penita de Jaltemba or anywhere along the Riviera Nayarit area or Jaltemba Bay.

The Federal Zone

March 28th, 2008

The Mexican Constitution regulates the ownership of land and establishes that “in a zone of 100 kilometers along the border or 50 kilometers along the coast, a foreigner cannot acquire direct ownership of the land.”

However, the latest Mexican Foreign Investment Law, enacted December 28, 1993, provides a solution. Within the Restricted Zone, a foreigner or foreign corporation can obtain all the rights of ownership with a bank trust, known as a Fideicomiso.(See section above “Fidecomiso”)

The Notary Public or “Notario”

March 28th, 2008

A Public Notary or Notario is a government-appointment lawyer who processes and certifies all real estate transactions, including the drawing and review of all real estate closing documents, thus ensuring their proper transfer.

Under Mexican law, the deed to a property must be prepared by a Notario, who will ensure that all documentation and permits are in order and and that there are no liens or judgement against the property, so that the transaction can proceed. He will also calculate the seller’s capital gains taxes and the buyer’s acquisition taxes.

Furthermore, all powers of attorney, the formation of corporations, wills, official witnessing, etc. are handled and duly registered through the office of the Public Notary, who is responsible to the government for the collection of all taxes involved.

In connection with real estate transactions, the Public Notary, upon request, receives the following official documents, which are required by law for any transfer.

  • A non-lien certificate from the public property registry, based on a complete title search;
  • A statement from the treasury or municipality regarding property assessments, water bills and other pertinent taxes that might be due:
  • An appraisal of the property for tax purposes.

In summary, everything official to do with your real estate transaction should be done by a Notario.

Ejido Land

March 28th, 2008

As a means of providing land to the poor farmers of Mexico (peons/campesinos) who were so poor they could not pay for land, communal groupings were created in the form of communal farms. The Agrarian Reform Ministry, via Mexican Presidential declarations created the communities communal farms, today known as “Ejidos”. The “Ejidos” consist of a defined governing body (”Comisariado”), land parcels (”parcelas”) and members (”ejidatarios”), thus creating an agrarian community or town (”ejido”). The land is divided into two sections, one being communal in nature which is held directly by all of the members in common, and where the community services and residences are situated, and the other section is made up of individual parcels, which are identified as being held individually by each member of the community (in “ejidatario” possession), which they use to farm.

The Mexican government always retains the ownership of the “ejido” land and provides that the communities hold and use it under the agrarian rules of Mexico. Unless the parties in question qualify as a member, they are not normally permitted to hold the status of an “ejido” member nor a part of the land set aside for the “ejido”.

Ejido land cannot be sold to non-ejido members until it is converted into private property. There are exceptions where non-ejido members can acquire “posessionary” rights to ejido land, however the rules governing posessionary rights are not very secure, especially for foreigners. Consequently, foreigners cannot legally become ejiditarios.

For years Americans and Canadians have been persuaded to “purchase” ejido parcels or beach front lots without fully understanding that they can’t legally own ejido property nor can the ejidatarios (those individuals that have the beneficiary interest in the land) legally sell it. Hence, all potential buyers of Mexican real estate should know the difference between private property and land denominated as “ejido”..

Article 27 of Mexico’s Constitution allows the federal government of the United States to create agrarian lands for the benefit of their citizens. With its constitutional inception in 1917, Mexico began the process to provide “campesinos” (farmers) a beneficiary interest to land owned by the government. Entitled under “La Ley Agraria” (the Agrarian Law), these government parcels, known as “ejidos” are recorded with the Registro Agrario National (National Agrarian Registry) in Mexico City. The ejidatarios can live, farm,homestead and construct dwellings on the property but they do not own it. Under Agrarian Law, the ejidatarios can not sell,lease,subdivide,joint venture,contribute,mortgage or encumber the property. In essence, they have the use and benefit of the land, but they do not have title to it.

In summary…Nayarit Properties…does not participate in the promotion or sale of ejido property. If you are unsure you might want to stick to buying private property. There is plenty of private or “regularized” property to buy!!!


March 28th, 2008

Any foreigner or Mexican National can establish a Fideicomiso (the equivalent of an American beneficial trust) through a Mexican bank to purchase real estate anywhere in Mexico, including the Restricted Zone. For practical reasons, even in unrestricted zones, many foreigners and Mexican nationals prefer to hold their property under a Fideicomiso.

To do so, the buyer requests a Mexican bank of his choice to act as trustee on his behalf.The bank, as a matter of normal operations, obtains the permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to acquire the chosen property in trust.

The Fideicomiso can be established for a maximum term of 50 years and can be automatically renewed for another 50-year period. During these periods you have the right to transfer the title to any other party, including a member of your family.The bank becomes the legal owner of the property for the exclusive use of the buyer/beneficiary, who has all the benefits of a direct owner, including the possibility of leasing or transferring his rights to the property to a third party.

The trustee is responsible to the buyer/beneficiary to ensure precise fulfillment of the trust, according to Mexican law, assuming full technical, legal and administrative supervision in order to protect the interests of the buyer/beneficiary. Fideicomisos are not held by the trustee as an asset of the bank.

Buying in Mexico

March 28th, 2008

It is perfectly legal for a foreigner or foreign corporation to acquire any type of real estate, holding the property as a direct owner, with the exception of properties located in the Restricted Zone.